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Here are a bunch of phone company recordings that I have recorded off of my phone. The files are available in .WAV format and also in .MP3 format, so you can choose whichever one you want. I got rid of all the RealAudio files in favor of MP3s because RealAudio software grew too big for my liking, and just about everybody has heard of the MP3 format by now.

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Recordings in this section are provided by El Jefe.

Local Exchange Companies

(Bell System Logo)

These recordings are left over from the days of the Bell System.

(US West Logo)

These recordings feature a man from US West.

Newer recordings used by US West Other US West (GTE Logo)

GTE Northwest

GTE National Modern GTE recordings Different modern GTE recordings Other GTE recordings (Verizon)
Verizon (formerly GTE)

Competitive Local Exchange Companies


Wireless Phone Companies


  • Disconnected Number (MP3)
  • No Answer (MP3) (AT&T) (Cellular One) (Inland Cellular) (Nextel) (Sprint PCS) (US Cellular)
    Recordings in this section provided by DSM

    Local Exchange Companies

    (Ameritech Logo)

    (ccrtc logo)

    (Sprint logo)

    (TDS Telecom logo)

    Competitive Local Exchange Companies

    (Intermedia logo)

    (TCG logo)

    (Time Warner logo)

    Wireless Phone Companies


    (Cellular One)




    (Sprint PCS)

    Long distance company recordings


    (MCI Worldcom)

    Recordings in this section provided by Jonathan Pobre

    Pacific Bell Wireless

    (Pacific Bell image)